What’s Your Gut Telling You?

Today, we live in a world of fast everything, multi-tasking and eating on the run!  So what are you eating and are you digesting what you eat?  Stress plays a huge factor in how we digest food also and we all know that most people are stressed to the max – emotionally and physically. 

So what’s a person to do?  The first thing is to know that time is just a concept and you have the ability to stretch time to accommodate your individual needs.  Try this affirmation:  I have more than enough time and energy to complete all of my tasks today!  And take a whiff of Present Time Essential Oil Blend while repeating this affirmation – remember that now is the only moment “in time” that you truly have!

The second thing to know is that you owe it to yourself to eat a nutritious meal and enjoy each and every bite of it!  No, I am not talking about fast food and microwaves…  did  you know:

  • In a study by Dr. Radwan Farag of Cairo University, it was discovered that just two seconds of microwave energy destroys all the enzymes in a food (Essential Oil Desk Reference,.Essential Science Publishing, Salem UT, 2nd Edition, p.210).
  •  Three minutes in boiling water destroys the enzymes; pasteurization destroys 80% to 95%; and baking, frying, broiling, stewing and canning destroys 100%.

Nature designed food with sufficient enzymes within it to digest that food when it is ingested. When enzymes are destroyed by cooking or other processing, ingesting that food triggers the body’s immune system, and it responds with leukocytosis. (The Influence of Food on the Blood Formula of Man,” P. Kouchakoff, M.D., First International Congress of Microbiology, Paris, 1930).

The key is to remember that food enzymes are destroyed at temperatures above 118°F. This means that cooked and processed foods contain few, if any, enzymes, and that the typical diet found in industrialized countries is enzyme-deficient. When we eat cooked and processed foods, we could well be eating for a shorter and lessthan-healthy life. (Howell, Edward, Food Enzymes for Health and Longevity. Silver Lake, WI: Lotus Light Publications, 1981).

There is convincing evidence derived from the works of Drs. Francis Pottinger, Jr., Weston Price (A) and Edward Howell (B) that the destruction of enzymes in the cooking and processing of food is, perhaps, the most significant factor in chronic and degenerative diseases in both humans and animals. It begins with a phenomenon known as digestive leukocytosis. {A. Nutrition and Physical Degeneration, W. A. Price, D.D.S., Price-Pottinger Nutrition Foundation Publisher, La Mesa, Ca., Eleventh Printing 1982. B. Enzyme Starvation, E. Howell, The Journal of the American Association for Medico-Physical Research, Chicago, Ill. April 15, 1940.)

Read more about how enzymes work in your body here.

A Healthy Gut is a Healthy Immune System

So Young Living has provided us with excellent natural product specials for April so that we can strengthen our immune system through our digestive tract with Life 5 Probiotics, Di-Gize Essential Oil Blend and Detoxzyme Capsules.  Especially with the amount of toxins we are being exposed to on a daily basis, now is the time to listen to our bodies and hear and feel what our gut is telling us!

Please visit www.AromatherapyLiving.com to open your account and get started on the road to a healthier body.

Diana Ewald is an Independent Distributor with Young Living Essential Oils (#534462).

Natural Allergy Relief

I am so happy March has arrived and for those of us in the south, so has Spring ~ thank goodness!  With the blooming of flowers and trees, some people have reactions to this yearly ritual of rebirth and surprise, surprise, I had symptoms of allergies last Sunday!  So I thought I would share my experience so that you could benefit.

I have never had allergies but after talking with my mother, she did say that when I was little there were a couple of years when I would sneeze and carry on in the Spring ~ I do not remember this and never had this issue up until now!  So what are allergies?  They are your body’s immune system response to an external substance whether that be food, pollen, environmental chemicals, dander, dust, etc., which causes the over-reaction of the release of histamines resulting in inflammation of nasal passages and sinus-related areas which results in watery eyes, sneezing, etc.  This means our internal balance is upset and we are over-reacting to a normally harmless substance.  Easy to say until you’ve experienced the symptoms!

So what I did was first take an Inner Defense Softgel to boost my immune system.  This did not hugely lessen my symptoms so I went for the lavender and filled a capsule and took that since lavender is a natural anti-histamine.  Relief only lasted a couple of hours so I decided to tune in to receive guidance… and was directed to the oils from Ecuador.  I have a huge affinity for these oils so I was not surprised even though I had not thought of it prior… and then, which one?  Dorado Azul is what came to me and I thought, that’s interesting.  So I found some information on this oil prior to taking it internally which said that it is much more effective than Peppermint in opening the sinuses and it has powerful purifying properties.  Dorado Azul contains eucalyptol 1.8 cineol which reduces inflammation and I had lots of that!  So I filled a capsule of Dorado Azul and took it happily along with my affirmation and gratitude for the oil restoring balance and harmony to my system including eliminating the inflammation.

Then I had an aha moment – inflammation – what better oil to use than Copaiba!  And yes, it is also from Ecuador AND contains the highest levels of beta caryophyllene which means anti-inflammatory and its an expectorant and disinfectant AND Copaiba magnifies the properties of the oils used with it!  So I filled a capsule with Copaiba along with my intention and I was pleasantly and gratefully relieved of all symptoms for the entire evening!  And I also put some Dorado Azul in my Aria Diffuser and ran it for about 4 hours.

Young Living's Copaiba Essential OilPlease note that Dorado Azul is not yet available.  I purchased a bottle while attending convention and then when I purchased my Aria Diffuser, this was one of the free oils that was given to us.  It is important to read the specials so you can maximize your purchase!  

Anyway, when I got up on Monday morning, I just had to blow my nose more than usual, nothing like what I experienced Sunday so I took a capsule and put 6 drops of Dorado Azul and 2 drops of Copaiba in it and I was feeling excellent the entire day!  Of course, each person is different so you get to experiment… so throw out those awful chemicals and give your body natural solutions that will do the job without harmful side effects. So that’s my natural remedy for allergies!

Suggestions from the Essential Oils Desk Reference, 4th Edition:

First Recommendations (for airborne allergens like pollen, animal hair, feathers and dust mites): German Chamomile, Wintergreen, Polyzyme supplement

Single Oils: Lavender, Roman chamomile

Blends: Harmony, Valor, Juva Cleanse

Application: Inhalation – diffuse 15 minutes every 2 hours as needed or directly from the bottle 2-4 times daily as needed.  Ingestion – capsule 2 times daily.

Supplements: Sulfurzyme, Detoxzyme, Essentialzyme, MultiGreens, ICP/ComforTone/JuvaTone

For more information and to order these products, please visit www.AromatherapyLiving.com or contact Diana Ewald, Independent Distributor #534462 at 407.399.8562.


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